MOMO GT2 17″ Wheel upgrade

Click here for larger imageMy first major modification after driving my car for a year. Prior to this wheels upgrade, I have done absolutely nothing to my car, the car is no more than a transporter, and there's a alienated gap between myself and the car, as I was a total car idiot, not knowing anything about the car to be adventurous enough to do enhancement to it.

As a matter of fact, prior to my 1 year ownership of this ride (VW Bora), my previous 4 years-old ride (Peugeot 306XR) has been stock to the barebone, and comparing to my bora's stock wheel size (16″), my Peugeot's wheels (13″) were puny!

The search for a new rims was never easy. Firstly, as our cars have a unique PCD (5×100, offset 35mm) that are only shared by a few cars in the market, namely Octavia Skoda, Seat Toledo, Volkswagen Bora/Golf/Beetle, Audi TT. There is some writings on more information regarding PCD and offset if you want to know more about it.

As you can see, there isn't a big market for these named cars in Singapore, and by big, I mean imagine this in year 2000 .. throw a stone in any of the roads that you come across, tell me the chances of you hitting a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic vs any of the cars mentioned above. The market is always that practical, supply follow the demand. There was hardly any demand for rims of such technical specification, and therefore, to search for an suitable rim is a painful process.

Firstly, I have to ignore all the nice rims out there in the showcase or displayed on the websites. Each time I asked any wheel seller about the availability of a rim which I like the design very much, it's always a “it's not made for you car” or “we don't indent the rim of your required specs for you”. Instead of doing research and scouting for the nicest rims around and online, I have come to acknowledgement of a cold fact that I just need to pick from a known list of rims from the dealer, which can be counted with my 10 fingers. Conclusion? Next time when you buy a car, check on its PCD first!

Well,at the time when this article is written and published, situation has definitely improved alot, meaning that more variety of rim designs for you to choose from, but still …

Click here for larger imageTo cut the long story short, so, I narrowed down my rim selection choice to MOMO GT2, Millie-miglia EVO series. I did consider some designs like ABT and Oettinger, but found them too expensive for my mini budget. Possibly also I was, and am still not a brand follower, and always prefer to go for style & design, rather than brand and “cult”. Not that all ABT or Oettinger car owners are making a bad choice, just that I am not a crowd follower.

GT2 was something which I fell in love when I first saw it, and I always trust that first impression count feeling. So without any further doubts, I went to Stamford Tyres, and they managed to find the last set of rims that was meant for car make. Without further delay, I have them ordered and transport down to the workshop immediately from their warehouse. GT2 came only in 17″ size maximum, couple with the impression then that anything beyond 16″ is already very big, so I settled for 17″x8″ GT2 with continental CSC-2 sports tire.

Click here for large image
Rims still wrapped in plastic, my heartbeat tripled when I first saw it being unwrapped!

Click here for large imageClick here for large imageClick here for large imageClick here for large imageClick here for large image
Ah yao fitting & rotating the tires

Within hours, the mechanic Ah Yao at Stamford East Coast managed to do the necessary tire installation & rotation, and my car was finally fitted with a set of new rims!

Click here for large imageClick here for large imageClick here for large image
5-spoke timeless design, with the embross MOMO wordings

MOMO rims are typically on the heavier side, and couple with a larger rims, the fuel consumption was affected slightly, but not that significant. The CSC-2 tires were felt grippy when I first drove out the car after the rim upgrade, much better than the stock tire dunlop SP2000, but the comfort level diminishes as the tire wore off at mileage beyond 25,000km.

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Click here for large image

More photos can be found in the photo gallery

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